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Travel for Change Adventures is a non-profit company that identifies itself as a catalyst and enabler of change, and advocates for a unified African voice. Through the past four years, we have made our mark across the continent in inspiring change, by developing opportunities to enhance Africa’s progress in inclusive economic growth, education, and youth empowerment.

We are committed to addressing African development and policy issues; by collaborating with Africans to unlock sustainable African solutions through intercultural cross-border development programmes, and social impact travel experiences. 

Travel for Change Adventures inspires desirability and value for the continent of Africa and its people through opportunities that allow young people to develop authentic cross-cultural networks, and in empowering them with skills to become active agents of change in their local communities.

With our social impact travel experiences we hope to i) give travellers the opportunity to custom curate their own trips ii) provide personalised travel planning based on one’s budget & interests iii) whilst providing locals, entrepreneurs and organisations a platform to monetise their skills and expertise through offering experiences.

Integrity; Sustainability; Inclusivity; Diversity; Engagement; Respect

Our mission is to address African development and policy issues, whilst leading the conversation on identity politics in Africa.

Our vision is to maximize social impact; to create intercultural experiences; to enhance regional integration; to encourage youth involvement in sustainable development and policy-making processes; to promote social impact in travel, and to create a universal platform for the capturing and sharing of African stories through an authentic African lens.

Our Vision

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