Frequently Asked Questions

What does Travel for Change Adventures do?

Travel for Change Adventures is a non-profit company that is committed to addressing African development and policy issues, and we promote cultural and impact centred travel experiences. As Travel for Change Adventures we see development as a tool for enabling people to reach the highest level of their ability through granting of freedom of action.

We achieve this through our 3-set structure:
1) Youth advocacy and Skills development

2) Storytelling

3) Social impact experiences

Is Travel for Change Adventures a travel agency?

NO! We are a non-profit company. However, we do provide unique travel experiences.

What is the Travel for Change Adventures target market?

Our target market is as follows:
1) African youth between the ages of 18-35

2) Students, early graduates, unemployed youth and young professionals

3) Individuals who would like to connect with African heritage through dialogue and travel

4) Government, scholars, cultural activists, communities, travel agents and policy makers

What other services does Travel for Change Adventures provide?

We offer various learning and travel opportunities.

Where is Travel for Change Adventures based?

We are based in South Africa, however we operate around the continent through the programs we offer and our outreach projects.